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Know your environment. They are usually over-kill against any lesser enemies, even Spider Splicers, so they are being put to best use against a Big Daddy. Those explosive rounds will deal a considerable amount of damage and set the Big Daddy on fire. The electric shells zap the Big Daddy into paralysis, which may give you some time to get a shot or two with a frag grenade or a whole clip of armor-piercing machine gun rounds. If there is a near by puddle, you can deal even more damage by using the water as an amplifier for the electricity. monster beats Though using your Proximity Mines may seem like a bad waste of ammo, it's not. The only real use for these mines is to set up a perimeter, and when a perimeter is needed in the game there are usually turrets and cameras provided. Simply stick 3 or 4 proximity mines on a telekinetically-moveable object (an oxygen tank would be most effective) and pick it up using your Telekinesis. Hurling the bomb at the Big Daddy will certainly ruin its day, if not kill it completely. Getting a higher vantage point is crucial in scoring a direct hit against a Big Daddy. Once you are above the Big Daddy, through means of winding stairs or a balcony, start off with a frag grenade. This will surely get the Big Daddy angry, which causes him to get closer to either charge or shoot you. He'll take the quickest route to you, so keep him in sight as you launch RPGs at him. This should be able to kill him, unless he gets behind cover. If that's the case, find another spot to start, or he'll find you. Once you have used the plasmid on a lone Big Daddy, lure it to a Big Daddy with a little sister and shoot it with any bullet. When the Big Daddy attacks, your Big Daddy defends you. Once the dust settles, you may find your Daddy won, or the other did. Trap bolts are powerful, but not so practical against normal foes, so they meet their full potential defensively. Find a suitable hallway and proceed to shoot the trap bolts so they make a corridor of electricity. Once this is done, lure a Big Daddy (by either Monster Beats Outlet angering or hypnotizing it) through the shocking pathway. Big Daddies offer a large sum of money, as well as many inventing items. Using the 'Scrounger' tonic (found by researching leadhead splicers) can find you extra money and/or inventing trinkets as well.

A Bouncer (Big Daddy with a drill) is easier to kill with tactics such as the trap bolt setup. They often cause more damage than their counterparts, but always stay close. Therefore, close range fighting such as eye-level frag grenades or melee attacks aren't practical.

A Rosie (Big Daddy with a rivet gun) is more of a coward than its counter part. It won't charge you, but will use its gun and proximity mines against you. Therefore, using shotguns and frag grenades at too long of a range is a waste. It is best to use the telekinesis bomb or hypnotize plasmids against Rosies.

Distracting Big Daddies with the 'Security Bullseye' or 'Insect Swarm' plasmids can save precious seconds in a hostile situation. This does, however, mean you spend extra EVE.

If you need to reload, do it before the fight. If you need to reload in the middle of the fight try stunning the Big Daddy first with an electric shotgun shell or the 'Electro Bolt' plasmid.

Unless you have upgraded your grenade launcher with the immunity attachment, your grenades can kill you if used improperly. It is best to use explosives away from you, and at an angle that avoids splash damage from hitting you.

The 'Hypnotize Big Daddy' plasmid uses up a full bar of EVE. The use of this tactic is usually best left for those who have a surplus of EVE Hypos at their disposal.

Don't be afraid to die. It can sometimes be better to conserve your first-aid kits for harder battles. If you are trying to complete the game without dying, heal when you are about 1/4 from dying. Healing too early can waste the kit.

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